In August, 2016, Alan M. Greenberg, Esq. successfully negotiated a $1.15 million jury verdict for a client injured in a fall in a Bronx supermarket. The trial was held in Bronx Supreme Court.

On August 10, 2012, the client, then 26 years old, testified that she was shopping in a supermarket in the Morris Park section of the Bronx. As she pushed a stroller through the store, she encountered another shopper pushing a steel shopping cart. Stepping backwards to avoid the approaching cart, she tripped on a carton that had been stacked on the floor by a supermarket worker and then fell to the floor, injuring herself.

The client was transported via ambulance to Jacobi Medical Center. There, she complained of pain in her left wrist but left the hospital without being treated. She returned to the hospital the next day, again complaining of pain in her left wrist, and a cast was applied to her forearm. In October 2012, the client began a program of physical therapy lasting approximately five months.

The client testified that her injuries included a sustained tear of her left wrist’s seapholunate ligament and a tear of her left shoulder rotator cuff. These injuries caused her to lose four months of work. She also testified of continuing pain in her left shoulder and wrist, affirmed that this pain was permanent, and also complained of numbness and tingling in her left wrist, hand, and fingers.

The client sued both the supermarket and the supermarket’s operator, alleging that a dangerous condition was negligently created by the worker’s placement of a box on the floor during a time when the supermarket was typically busy. She sought damages for past and future pain and suffering.

At trial, the client was awarded $1.15 million.