The case involved an estate of a 35-year-old man who died as a result of misdiagnosis and incorrect treatment of ongoing epileptic seizures. Over the course of eleven days, the man was treated with various anti-epileptic drugs, none of which controlled his seizures. He continued to suffer a series of general seizures, which culminated in loss of consciousness, cardiopulmonary arrest and eventually death. The hospital was charged with misdiagnosing the type of epilepsy. The argument was made that those in charge of the diagnosis should have administered high doses of a single anti-epileptic drug until the seizures were controlled. If this would have been done the treatment likely would have resulted in seizure control within several days. The man was survived by a seven-year-old daughter and the case was settled for $1,500,00 for the hospital’s failure to treat and loss of parental guidance.