Our client, a 23-year-old male, was riding his bicycle on a roadway when he was hit in the rear by a dump truck owned by the Department of Sanitation. Our client was thrown 15-20 feet onto the pavement and sustained fractures of his right dominant wrist and right foot, disc herniations in his lumbar spine, a tear of his left meniscus, and an osteochondral defect of his right talo-navicular joint. As a result of the accident, he underwent arthroscopic surgery to the left knee and right ankle and was left with a permanent antalgic gait which doctors predicted would need future surgery. Although our client was found negligent for riding his bicycle on a bridge which violates New York City’s traffic regulation, the jury found that this was not the proximate cause of his injuries and awarded our client $1,650,000 for both past and future lost earnings.