Our clients were the operator and passenger on a motorcycle when they were struck suddenly by a marked police car driven by a NYPD officer. The collision occurred in the center of an intersection with a force of impact which caused both clients to be ejected from the motorcycle. One client sustained a severe fracture of the left tibia which required surgical intervention with internal fixation devices, fracture of the left fibula, and herniated discs in his lumbar spine. He required four additional surgeries to correct the leg fractures including irrigation and debridement of the wound to prevent infection and skin grafts to cover the wound site. He was left with a permanent limp, scarring and deformity of his leg. The second client sustained lumbar derangement and effusion of the left knee. A verdict of $2,080,000 was awarded to the clients ($2,005,000 to one and $75,000 to the other) for past pain and suffering, past medical expenses, and future pain and suffering.