In May, 2016, Alan M. Greenberg, Esq. obtained a $250,000 mediated pretrial settlement for a client, who was scalded in a shower at a Bronx shelter.

The client, an unemployed man who was then 60 years old, was attempting to take a shower in the shelter facility when the shower emitted a stream of scalding water. The client suffered second- and third-degree burns to his back, neck, and right shoulder, and also a head injury that caused him to temporarily lose consciousness.

The client was transported via ambulance to Jacobi Medical Center, where he underwent treatments that included a skin graft, injection of corticosteroids, and treatment for a residual infection. The client remained at the hospital for three weeks, after which he received eight days of inpatient rehabilitation. After his release, the client complained that his injuries caused him to experience continuing severe pain that hindered his movements and his sleep, as well as blisters, swollenness, and reduction in his arm’s range of motion.

The client sued the shelter’s owners and the New York City agency responsible for placing him at the shelter. He alleged that the defendants were negligent in maintaining the shelter and that this negligence caused the accident. Mr. Greenberg pointed out that the facility’s water heater had not been properly calibrated and maintained, that no inspection of the heater’s pressure valves had been made, and that the shower lacked a functioning temperature regulation valve.

A $250,000 mediated pretrial settlement was negotiated on behalf of the client.