In October 2016, Greenberg Law P.C. negotiated a $650,000 settlement for a client injured in a slip and fall in a New York City restaurant.

On December 18, 2012, Wendy Brown, working as a deliveryman’s seasonal assistant, fell while visiting a restaurant located on Spring Street, in Manhattan. At the time of her fall, she was carrying a cardboard box, and as she fell forward, her neck impacted the box, causing a closed fracture of her larynx and trachea, as well as a displaced fracture of the cricoid cartilage surrounding the trachea, and a contusion of her chest wall. As a result of these injuries, the client experienced aphonia (the inability to speak).

The client was transported via ambulance to Beth Israel Medical Center, where she received treatment that included open reduction and internal fixation of her fractured cartilage. While her aphonia condition abated, she continued to complain of hoarseness and impaired speech, and so underwent about six months of speech therapy. Despite this treatment, she continued to suffer the effects of her injury, including a painful neck, occasional swelling of her neck and throat, diminution of neck motion, and other serious complaints, including dyspnea (a sense that one’s respiration is constantly being restricted).

The client sued the restaurant’s operator and the premises owner in Bronx Supreme Court, alleging negligence in maintenance of the premises in respect to allowing water to be tracked into the restaurant and accumulate on the floor after a snowstorm, thus creating a dangerous condition.  She sought $76,000 to reimburse her for a worker’s compensation lien, and damages to compensate her for past and future pain and suffering.

Alan M. Greenberg, Esq. successfully negotiated a $650,000 settlement on behalf of the client.