In August, 2018, Alan M. Greenberg, Esq. successfully secured a $650,000 settlement in New York Supreme Court for a client hit by a car that was exiting a parking garage in Manhattan on September 26, 2014.

Mr. Greenberg’s client, a 47 year old woman employed as an administrative worker testified that she was struck by a car traveling at an excessive speed while executing a left-hand turn after exiting the parking garage through a driveway. A sign at the exit clearly indicated that left turns from the driveway were prohibited.

The woman was transported via ambulance to a hospital where an X-ray revealed a possible fracture of her left leg in an area near the knee. She ultimately was diagnosed with multiple tears to the left knee, ankle tears, a hip tear, as well as disc damage to her lumbar spine. After physical therapy and steroid injections failed, she underwent arthroscopic surgery to repair tears to her left knee and another arthroscopic surgery to repair her ankle.

Multiple parties were sued in New York Supreme Court, including the driver of the vehicle that struck her, the vehicle’s owner, and the driver’s employer. During her trial testimony, the client explained that she still suffers residual pain, instability of her left ankle, a reduction in her ability to stand for a prolonged time, and the necessity to use a cane. Her injuries also prevent her from engaging in dancing — her favorite recreational activity — and necessitate that she use braces to stabilize her ankle and use a heating pad while sleeping. She further claimed that her pain requires her to regularly use naproxen, a prescribed painkiller.

During the trial, after the testimony by the client’s treating doctor, Mr. Greenberg negotiated a total settlement of $650,000.

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