Our client, a 41 year-old legal alien employed by a contractor, was asked to help with a roofing job by transporting hot tar to the roof, a job he had never done before. The pulley system, used for the job, was unable to lift of the 50-gallon barrel causing the rope to snap and propelling him backward through a plastic skylight fell 30 feet to the concrete floor below. The client sustained multiple fractures including fractures to his wrist, thoracic spine, scapula, clavicle and hip, which required surgical intervention and internal fixations. The client was unable to return to his job as a construction worker and was forced to return to his native country. The location where the accident occurred and the contractor and sub-contractor involved in the roofing job were sued. The case was settled during trial in the amount of $675,000 for past and future pain and suffering.