Our client, a 54-year-old female, slipped while descending a restaurant stairway. She contended that the stairway’s carpeted steps were mushy, dirty and wet, and that she fell due to the restaurant owner’s negligent maintenance of the premises. The fall resulted in an injury to her head, bulges of the spinal discs of her neck and back, and a tear of her left knee meniscus which required arthroscopic surgery. An engineer brought in as an expert opined that violations of the building code, including the lack of a second handrail and the stair risers and treads not being uniform in height, contributed to the accident. The jury found the client to be 35{af137f1675bbc2c4e98e51253ec9a172ee49f68dae0b591c10fdf3ad79b04760} negligent but awarded her with $950,000 for her past and future pain and suffering.