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Motorcyclists by nature are more vulnerable on the road than car drivers. Two wheels make for a less stable ride. Little protection puts riders at risk of direct impact with pavement. Impaired visibility means careless drivers may not see a biker until it’s too late. Even the most skilled bikers who ride responsibly get into severe—and sometimes catastrophic—accidents.

The struggles in the aftermath of a motorcycle accident are often physical, psychological, and financial. Riders face medical bills, rehabilitation and physical therapy, lost wages, and pain and suffering. Complex insurance regulations, dishonest insurance carriers, and legal roadblocks to compensation further complicate matters. Many auto insurance policies are different or more complicated where a motorcycle is involved.

Winning your case demands an experienced and qualified attorney to identify and overcome the public bias against motorcyclists and fight the insurance companies that notoriously blame motorcycle riders for accidents.

If you or someone you love was injured in a motorcycle accident, contact the attorneys at GREENBERG LAW P.C. today. Get the compensation you deserve with a compassionate, committed, and capable team of trial attorneys fighting to win your case.


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