Our client, an illegal alien, was working as a dishwasher at a restaurant in Manhattan when he slipped on grease on the fourth step of a 17-step stairway that connected the restaurant’s kitchen and basement. He was carrying a plastic trash bag filled with glass bottles which broke when he fell and severely lacerated his right dominant hand. He tried to break his fall by reaching for the handrail on his left side, but because the handrail was flush with the wall, he was unable to grip it. The restaurant’s landlord was sued under the claim that he was negligent in the maintenance of the staircase which created a dangerous condition because of the grease on the steps and for the structural defects that violated the building code due to the flush handrail. Our client underwent several surgeries, but the accident resulted in permanent nerve damage to his right dominant hand. Although he attempted to return to his job, he was unable to perform the tasks of a kitchen worker. The jury awarded our client with $1,173,000 for lost enjoyment of life as well as past and future pain and suffering.