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Taxi Accidents

Taxi Accidents

Taxi Accidents can result in unsuspecting passengers suffering unwarranted pain and suffering. Often a taxi driver’s negligence in rushing to complete a fare can result in an avoidable accident. Because it is not legally required that passengers  wear a seatbelt in a taxi, taxi car injuries can often be more severe than in a regular car accident. Taxi cab accidents can leave multiple parties injured: passengers in the same taxi cab; pedestrians in the roadway or vicinity; or, drivers and passengers in another vehicle involved in the accident.

Like any car accident victim, a person injured in taxi related car accident can suffer pain and injury to their neck or back, broken bones, and shoulders or knees. The pain from these injuries may not be present right away, and make take some time to settle in. Do not wait until the pain is at its worst to have an experienced team of lawyers on your side.

The insurance companies that insure taxi cabs are some of the most difficult to fight, and the insurance policies provided to taxis are limited. You need experienced and tough trial lawyers to represent you in a taxi car accident.

If you or a loved one has been injured by a taxi you need experienced lawyers to fight on your side. Contact GREENBERG LAW P.C. to find out how we can help you or your family members get the support your family needs before it is too late.


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