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A traumatic brain injury can leave a victim disabled

The brain is one of the most important parts of the human body. It controls things from our deepest thoughts and feelings all the way down to basic bodily tasks like moving and even breathing.

It is no surprise then that a significant injury to the brain can change a New Yorker’s life.

Any blow or other force to the head can cause what doctors call a traumatic brain injury.

Even a minor brain injury, like a concussion, can have some serious side effects. The victim might have slurred speech, headaches and dizziness or balancing problems.

The victim may also experience some sensory challenges as well as concentration problems and emotional issues.

The good news is that after a minor injury, a victim should eventually get back to normal and move on with their life.

A moderate to severe injury, on the other hand, may leave the victim with permanent disabilities. In the most serious cases, the victim might be in a long-term coma and unable to survive without constant medical care.

Other cases might leave a victim with permanent intellectual difficulties or serious behavior and emotional problems. After a moderate or severe brain injury, a victim may find it impossible to return to work and may need ongoing help.

Treating a serious brain injury can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, if not millions, in medical expenses – not to mention the loss of a victim’s income.

Many traumatic brain injuries happen because of another person’s negligence

Accidental traumatic brain injuries occur more often than they should. For example, many people in New York City suffer brain injuries after a fall or as a result of a motor vehicle accident.

Sometimes, another driver’s carelessness causes an accident that leads to a brain injury. Likewise, falls, particularly at work, happen when those responsible do not do enough to prevent them.

In these situations, the victim of a brain injury may be able to recover compensation for their losses in a personal injury claim.

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