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Serious Car Accident Injuries That Limit Mobility

Serious car accidents can have profound and lasting effects on individuals. One repercussion can be a lack of mobility. This can have direct effects on a person’s ability to work, socialize, travel and do many other things. Traumatic brain injuries Traumatic brain injuries can lead…

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How To Prevent Car Accidents in Winter Driving

Winter brings its own set of challenges for drivers, with icy roads, snow and decreased visibility often leading to a higher risk of accidents. The Federal Highway Administration reported that there are almost 500,000 car accidents every year due to wet roads, winter storms and…

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New York In Top 10 Worst States For Distracted Driving

In New York, the battle against distracted driving rages on, positioning the state among the nation’s worst offenders in this category. The city that never sleeps struggles when it comes to maintaining focus on the road. The statistics paint a grim picture, highlighting the urgent…

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Work Zone Deaths Increasing In The United States

The rise in work zone crash deaths across the nation is a concerning trend that demands attention and exploration. Work zones, where construction and maintenance activities occur on roadways, have become increasingly hazardous, leading to a surge in fatalities. Examining the reasons behind this alarming…

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Navigating New York On Two Wheels

Cruising on a motorcycle through the crowded streets of New York can feel thrilling. You take in the sights and sounds of the city as you navigate your way through a maze of cars, pedestrians and cyclists. However, the very excitement that makes motorcycle riding…

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What has ridesharing done to the number of traffic accidents in New York City?

Ridesharing services such as Uber and Lyft have dramatically increased the opportunity for billions of people to get to where they need to be. This is the case across the country but it is really significant in a city like New York, where there are…

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What to know if you are injured while riding in an Uber

Any time people in New York drive, they can only control their own actions. They cannot control he actions of the other drivers on the road. However, when they are riding in Ubers or other ride-sharing services, they have even less control. They cannot even…

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Can my car insurance company deny my claim?

Car accidents happen. Indeed, no matter how safe your driving habits become, eventually, there’s a good chance that another driver’s negligence will catch up with you. The one thing that good drivers rely on is their car insurance. But, can your car insurance company deny…

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Three teenagers killed when Mustang hits turning SUV

In some motor vehicle accidents, the fault is clear. The circumstances plainly point at one driver or the other. In other accidents, fault cannot be easily pinpointed from a simple chronology of events. In a recent collision on Staten Island, three teenagers died in circumstances…

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Drunk driving deaths spike over the July 4 holiday

While Independence Day is a joyful time for many New Yorkers, it is unfortunately a holiday during which residents of the City are more likely to experience a traffic-related tragedy. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) almost 1,400 died in fatal motor…

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