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Falls Cause More Than 85% of Fractures in 65 and Over

For Americans 65 and over, fractures are often the result of a simple fall. The connection between falls and fractures in this demographic is a significant public health concern, as many of these injuries occur due to environmental factors. Understanding the risk factors and addressing…

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What Is An Attractive Nuisance and Why Is It Dangerous?

In the realm of liability, the term “attractive nuisance” carries weight in assessing potential hazards. This term refers to an area or object that may attract children but also poses a threat to their safety. This legal doctrine places responsibility squarely on those who own…

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Proving a New York Premises Liability Case

When a faulty condition causes you to hurt yourself while visiting someone else’s New York property, you may wish to take the responsible party to court to help cover some of the medical and other expenses that resulted from the incident. When making a claim…

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Who is liable for elevator accidents?

New York City is famous for its iconic skyscrapers and elevators are common everywhere from shopping centers to residential apartment buildings. Most of the time, elevators are a modern-day convenience, but every year elevators and escalators cause about 17,000 injuries and 30 deaths in the…

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Statistics highlight the impact of older adult falls

It is important to understand the risks that you face with respect to falls, especially if you are an older adult. Whether you regularly go for walks or worry about falling down while shopping or around your home, there are many different reasons why you…

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The responsibility of owners to remove snow and prevent injuries

In a city where most people get from one place to another by walking, snowy and icy sidewalks are problematic. If sidewalks remain uncleared, this increases the chances of someone slipping and falling, which often leads to injuries. Residential and commercial property owners must remove…

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Special rules apply for children trespassers

Property owners in New York generally decide who is allowed on their property and who is not. This does not necessarily prevent people from entering their property without permission though. When people do enter others property without permission they are known as trespassers. Usually property…

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How can wheelchair ramps be dangerous?

Many people in New York rely on wheelchair ramps to access buildings. Whether a person is in a wheelchair, uses a walker, has a stroller, or needs help going up an incline, a wheelchair ramp is an important structure. But it may be surprising to…

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Wheelchair ramps can be dangerous

Many people in New York rely on wheelchair ramps at businesses and community buildings. Whether they are in a wheelchair, use a walker, a stroller, or just need extra stability when entering a building, wheelchair ramps are extremely important for the disabled and others. These…

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Who May be Liable for Damage from a Fallen Tree?

The NYC Parks Department reports that damaged trees include trees with limbs that are cracked, a trunk that is split, a uprooted tree or leaning tree, and a tree that is alive but in poor condition. Many different variables can contribute to a tree becoming…

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