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In the vast majority of cases, accidents don’t “just happen.” A detailed investigation after an accidental injury very often demonstrates that a person, entity or government organization did something wrong – and that the wrongdoing caused harm to someone else.

Our family-run law firm’s mission for each client is to identify the cause of an accident and the negligent party, review the applicable laws, and strategize a customized plan to maximize the recovery of compensation for the injured person. At the same time, we cultivate respectful relationships with our clients that help us to develop strong cases on their behalf.

What Personal Injury Law Is All About

Personal injury laws define negligence and ensure that individuals harmed by those negligent acts may receive compensation for their resulting pain and suffering. Under the law, examples of negligence include the following:

When you have been harmed through someone’s negligence, turn to an accomplished trial lawyer who knows what it takes to win cases. Successful claims and lawsuits don’t “just happen.”

If you or someone you love was injured due to someone else’s wrongdoing or neglect, request an evaluation of the facts by our lawyers at Greenberg Law P.C. Our personal injury attorneys draw on a wealth of knowledge and experience while preparing to hold negligent parties responsible.

About Your Personal Injury Claim Or Lawsuit

At Greenberg Law P.C., we develop trusting attorney-client relationships from the beginning to the conclusion of a case. As soon as a new client chooses our firm, we explain the claims process step by step. We collaborate with our clients, lifting their burdens while preparing them to make decisions in their best interests.

Will you accept a pretrial settlement or take your case to trial? When this question confronts you, we want you to have full confidence to make the right decision. To begin the dialogue, call us at 212-972-5656 or complete an online inquiry to request a free consultation.

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