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Accidents don’t “just happen.” In most cases, the law dictates that a person, entity, or government organization did something wrong—and that the wrongdoing caused harm to someone else.

Personal injury law identifies the responsible party, and ensures that individuals harmed by their negligent acts receive compensation for their resulting pain and suffering. Under the law, examples of negligence include:

  • failing to maintain a safe sidewalk or premises at a home or business, causing someone to trip and fall.
  • failing to drive safely, causing a car crash.
  • failing to restrain a vicious dog, causing a bite.
  • committing medical malpractice while treating a patient.

If you or someone you love was injured due to someone else’s negligence, contact the attorneys at GREENBERG LAW P.C. today. Trust our family-run law firm to identify the negligent party, explain the applicable laws, and strategize a customized plan to get you the maximum possible result.

Successful lawsuits don’t “just happen” either. Get the compensation you deserve with a compassionate, committed, and capable team of trial attorneys fighting to win your case.


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