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Defective Product Lawyer

At Greenberg Law P.C., we understand the importance of family support in the face of a health crisis. We are a family-owned firm and we know that when one member of the family is experiencing difficulties, all are affected. Many of our clients include loved ones of workers and others who have been injured or have lost their lives while using defective tools, car parts, and other dangerous and defective products.

Rely on our guidance at a time like this. Our plaintiffs’ lawyers are here to help you pursue the compensation you need. With our advocacy and support, you can look forward to moving toward recovery after an injury such as an amputation, traumatic brain injury, burn injury or any other serious injury.

Who Is Responsible For The Harm Caused By A Hazardous Product?

Manufacturers and product designers have a responsibility to create and sell safe products in the open market. Other potentially liable parties may include:

  • Manufacturers of component parts
  • Inspectors, assemblers and installers of products
  • Wholesale and retail vendors
  • Marketers

Although some products are recalled due to detected dangerous or defective conditions, many other dangerous and defective products reach the marketplace without warnings to consumers and ultimately cause injuries.

Types Of Dangerous And Defective Products That Hurt People

Kitchen and home gadgets, toys, gear, car and truck parts, and building and construction products are some of the categories of consumer goods that can cause serious injuries. Some items may be safe in theory, but can still cause damage when used incorrectly or in ways not specified by the manufacturer. The lack of effective warning labels is sometimes identified as a cause of accidents.

Injured? Turn To Greenberg Law P.C.

If you have been injured or a loved one has been killed while using a defective or dangerous product, contact our attorneys at Greenberg Law P.C. today. Our family-run law firm offers you the advantage of our extensive knowledge and network of expert witnesses.

Our lawyers have more than 30 years of combined experience representing people injured in a wide range of accident types – including workplace accidents involving unsafe equipment. If this happened to you or a family member, you may have a product liability claim above and beyond any workers’ compensation benefits.

For peace of mind during this difficult time, let our compassionate, experienced trial lawyers serve as your committed and capable advocates. Call 212-972-5656 or email us to schedule a free consultation.

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