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Premesis Liability Lawyer

The law requires every landowner, property tenant and business establishment to abide by their legal responsibility to protect the safety of visitors and people who live or work on their properties. Premises liability law identifies the party responsible for an incident – from an explosion to a slip-and-fall accident on stairs or a trip-and-fall accident involving a store display while shopping. A successful case can ensure that an individual harmed receives compensation for their injuries. Injury caused by failed safety measures may trigger a premises liability claim or lawsuit.

If you choose to work with Greenberg Law P.C., we will represent you on a contingency basis. You will not owe us attorney fees until we recover a settlement or verdict on your behalf. Our trial lawyers will keep you informed so that you will be ready to make the right decision: to accept a settlement offer or proceed to court and let a judge and jury decide on a just outcome in your case.

Understand The Legal Aspects Of Your Injury Claim

The outcome of your premises liability claim or lawsuit may depend partially on why you were on the property and where you were hurt. Were you a trespasser, an invited guest or a consultant there on business?

A property owner’s negligence in maintenance will also come into question and is likely to affect the outcome of your case. Under the law, examples of negligent maintenance include failures to perform these reasonable duties::

  • Maintain proper upkeep
  • Maintain sufficient on-site lighting
  • Maintain sufficient security
  • Fix uneven floors, broken staircases, slippery surfaces and other dangerous conditions

We focus our practice on building the strongest case to get each client the maximum possible result. You can count on our compassionate, committed and capable team of trial attorneys to negotiate, mediate or litigate your case to your best advantage. Get the compensation you deserve after an injury on a cracked sidewalk or any private, public or commercial property.

Get A Free Case Evaluation After A Fall Or Another Accident On Public Or Private Property

Trust our family-run law firm, as we have more than 30 years of experience handling premises liability cases similar to yours.

If you or a loved one was injured on a hazardous property, contact the attorneys at Greenberg Law P.C. today. Reach us in our Manhattan offices by calling 212-972-5656 or completing a simple online form with no obligation.

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