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Large Vehicle Collisions Are Deadly

When a traffic crash involves a bus or a large truck, serious injuries and death could occur. Due to the size of these vehicles, the force of a collision can become especially significant, and bus and truck drivers can have difficulty coming to a stop.…

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How long do you have to file a wrongful death claim in New York?

Statutes of limitations govern the timeline for most types of lawsuits, including wrongful death claims. Each state has distinct laws for handling tort claims, so a plaintiff must be aware of the current local regulations before filing. A person should also know the exceptions to…

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Filing a wrongful death claim in New York

The loss of a loved one is oftentimes one of the worst experiences we will ever have to go through. Losing someone in an accident can be especially traumatizing, as it is often unexpected and could have been avoided had one or more parties not…

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