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Large Vehicle Collisions Are Deadly

When a traffic crash involves a bus or a large truck, serious injuries and death could occur. Due to the size of these vehicles, the force of a collision can become especially significant, and bus and truck drivers can have difficulty coming to a stop.

Sadly, many bus and large truck accidents claim lives, and it is pivotal for all drivers to understand how widespread these fatal crashes are by reviewing data on this issue.

Statistics on deadly bus and truck collisions

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration published statistics on bus and large truck accidents that prove fatal. During 2020, 4,998 buses and large trucks became involved in accidents that led to the loss of life. Between 2010 and 2020, deadly bus and large truck crashes went up by 31%. Out of all large truck accidents reported to law enforcement during 2020, 4,444 claimed lives.

The aftermath of a deadly bus or truck collision

After a deadly accident, the loved ones of a victim who lost his or her life could have many different challenges to work through. These accidents can cause immense emotional pain that makes the family members of someone who died feel as if they cannot move forward. However, it is crucial for families to stay focused if an accident occurred because of a bus or truck driver’s negligent behavior.

Fatal bus and truck accidents can also generate financial problems that create serious hardships for families, such as funeral expenses and losing a crucial source of income. Sadly, too many families continue to face these devastating consequences.

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