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Know Your Rights: Statutes of Limitation Paused

Due to the Coronavirus, Governor Cuomo has made several sweeping changes throughout New York. One of those changes has been to pause the statute of limitations in all criminal and civil cases. Originally, the statute of limitations for civil and criminal cases was paused in New York until April 19th. However, the governor has paused the statute of limitations again until May 7th, and it could be paused further based on the current health situation.

Every state has different deadlines, or statutes of limitations, on how long someone can wait to file a lawsuit. The statute of limitation on Personal Injury claims brought in New York State is generally 3 years from the date of accident. However, the statute of limitations can depend on the specific type of injury claim, the parties being sued, or the court house where the claim is brought. It is absolutely necessary to bring a personal injury claim within the statute of limitations time frame, or else you may not be able to bring any claim at all. Therefore, you must seek the advice of an experienced attorney who can determine which statute of limitations applies to your claim, and then prepare the necessary paperwork to file that claim on time.

Even though the statute of limitations for civil and criminal causes are currently paused in New York, as soon as the freeze is lifted, the Courts will be overwhelmed with new claims. Do not wait for your claim to be at the back of thee line; every moment that you and your family have not received help and compensation for a personal injury is a moment too long.

If you or someone you love has been injured in an accident, contact the attorneys at Greenberg Law P.C. today. They will determine the correct statute of limitations and file your papers as soon as possible. Get the compensation you deserve with a compassionate, committed, and capable team of trial attorneys fighting to win your case.

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