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New York City reportedly has the most distracted drivers

Distracted driving is an ongoing problem throughout the country, but some have reported that it is a particularly bad habit among drivers in the New York City area.

According to a report prepared by The Zebra, a platform on which the public can compare insurance quotes, New York City has the most distracted drivers.

The survey’s creators asked over 2,500 people in different cities how often they engaged in certain distracted driving behaviors. They then used the results to score different major metropolitan areas, with high score meaning that motorists admitted to distracted driving with greater frequency. New York had the highest score.

Distracted driving involves more than just cellular phones

Cellular phones indeed do contribute to many if not most distractions on the road. Among those asked in the survey, over half admitted to sending a text or reading information off of their phones.

However, distracted driving can involve anything that takes a person’s eyes off of the road. In fact, a distracted driver may well have their eyes on the road but simply have their mind on other things, making it more difficult to drive.

For example, many people in the survey, over one of three, admitted to eating meals while driving, while over one out of four admitted to changing their clothes. Many people also said they had tried to wipe their windows or clear their dashboards as they rode along.

Even daydreaming or thinking about a person’s next task is a kind of distracted driving.

Distracted driving is not excusable

No matter the cause of the distraction, distracted driving is never excusable. New York drivers have an obligation to pay attention to their driving.

When they do not do so, accidents will inevitably happen. Some of these accidents will end with a victim suffering death or a serious injury.

Victims of distracted drivers may be eligible to receive compensation for their losses under New York law.

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