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Personal Injury Topics: Traumatic Brain Injury Information

According to theCDCfrom 2006-2014, the number of traumatic brain injury (TBI) emergency visits increased by 53% to become a major cause of death and injury in the United States. Those that survive a serious TBI may struggle with lasting disabilities for the rest of their lives. The risk of long-lasting disability from a brain injury can impact several essential cognitive functions including learning, memory, movement, emotional functioning, and sensations.

A TBI can be caused by several things including bumps, blows, and jolts to the head. These actions can disrupt the function of the brain and can range from mild to severe. Mild brain injuries such as concussions can have a brief impact on cognitive functioning. However, severe TBIs can lead to long-lasting memory loss and changes in personality even years after injury.

One of the most famous cases of a TBI isPhineas Gage,a train worker who had a workplace accident where a metal iron went through his skull. Although he remained conscious during the accident, friends and family observed a personality change so severe those around him felt that he was no longer Phineas Gage.

Decades after Phineas Gage and the introduction of the automobile, the leading causes of TBI in the United States might be different than you think. The CDC reports that the leading cause of TBIs is not car crashes, which account for 20% of TBI; rather, falls are the leading cause of TBI.

Any number of accidents can lead to a TBI: a fall due to the failure to maintain property or sidewalks in safe condition ; a car accident; a workplace injury; and, any injury to the head or brain.

If you or a loved one has suffered from a TBI caused by another person’s negligence. contact the attorneys at Greenberg Law P.C.today. Traumatic brain injuries can have a lasting impact on one’s life. Call us to take the first step in finding out your options for getting the compensation they deserve.

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