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Health Complications That Arise From Dog Bites

In the realm of dangerous incidents, dog bites often fly under the radar. However, what may appear as a minor injury can escalate into many health complications that demand your attention.

Knowing why the consequences of dog bites are so severe can help you after you suffer from one.


The initial pain and bleeding from a dog bite may make people think it is just a superficial wound. Yet, beneath the visible damage lies a breeding ground for infection.

Dogs’ mouths have many types of bacteria in them, and when introduced into the human bloodstream, these microorganisms can lead to infections, such as cellulitis.


The potential consequences of a bite from an animal with rabies are grave. In fact, there are 5,000 cases of rabid animals reported to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention every year.

Rabies, a viral infection affecting the central nervous system, poses a serious risk if not promptly addressed. The urgency of seeking medical attention after a dog bite is important, as rabies can be fatal once symptoms manifest.

Joint and tendon damage

Beyond the immediate pain, a dog bite may inflict damage to joints and tendons that become obvious only over time. The force exerted by a dog’s jaws can cause deep tissue injuries, leading to long-term complications. Stiffness, reduced range of motion and chronic pain can emerge as reminders of an incident that initially seemed inconsequential.

Psychological scars

Victims of a bite often grapple with post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety or a heightened fear of dogs. Such emotional scars can endure long after the physical wounds have healed, impacting one’s quality of life and daily interactions.

Staying calm in the aftermath of this incident is important. Finding medical help immediately after a bite may allow you to make more clear-headed decisions.

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