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What is a sneaky injury?

You get into a car accident and walk away with nothing but a couple of bruises, or at least, that is what you thought. However, you may wind up with something far more serious a few days later.

Sneaky injuries come out of nowhere after a crash. Learn more about what to look for before you face a far worse medical prognosis.

What kind of crash causes a hidden injury?

The bigger the crash, the worse the injury, or so you may erroneously believe. While a collision with a big rig can leave you with obvious injuries, any accident can damage you. Sometimes, low-impact accidents can leave you with more internal damage because you are unlikely to go directly to a hospital for a checkup.

What are common sneaky injuries?

A few more notable hidden injuries can cause significant problems in the hours and days after an accident.

Head trauma: Not all traumatic brain injuries arise out of a direct blow to the head. Some of them happen when the brain tissue slips and hits the skull. You may not experience any symptoms of a brain injury for hours. Remain diligent about worsening headaches that do not go away, a change in memory or any other cognitive issue that creeps up.

Internal bleeding: Those bruises on your arms may not mean anything, but what about the one across your abdomen? The seatbelt can tighten against the soft tissue of the stomach, sometimes causing vessels underneath to burst. Watch out for any bruise that spreads and deepens in color.

Hidden injuries can land you in the hospital for emergency intervention if not caught in time. Pay attention to how your body feels and get medical attention after a crash, even if you do not believe you need it.

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