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What to know if you are injured while riding in an Uber

Any time people in New York drive, they can only control their own actions. They cannot control he actions of the other drivers on the road. However, when they are riding in Ubers or other ride-sharing services, they have even less control. They cannot even control the person driving them. Passengers in these vehicles have no control whether they are in an accident and can still suffer significant injuries through no fault of their own.

To ensure people are compensated for their injuries, they need to know who is liable for the accident. If another driver is responsible, any compensation would come from that driver’s insurance, assuming that the driver is adequately insured. If the Uber driver is responsible for the accident, the compensation will come from Uber’s insurance for the driver.

Insurance coverage for Uber drivers

Uber carries an insurance policy with a $1 million limit to cover injuries to passengers and other third parties caused by the Uber driver. In addition to having insurance for situations when the Uber driver is responsible for the accident, Uber also carries underinsured/uninsured coverage. This can provide compensation to the riders if another driver is at fault for the accident but does not have limits high enough to pay for all of the damages people suffer as a result.

If passengers are involved in an accident involving Uber, it is important that they report the accident and injuries to Uber to ensure that the insurance company is aware of the accident. It is also important to stay involved to ensure they are properly compensated for their injuries.

Riding in Ubers and other ride-sharing services is a popular mode of transportation in New York. While the services can be very convenient, people need to trust that their driver will drive safely and avoid accidents. Unfortunately, many Uber drivers are in accidents and their passengers can suffer serious injuries as a result. People involved in these accidents may be able to receive compensation for their injuries though and consulting with experienced attorneys could be beneficial.

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