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Are You Aware of Uber’s Arbitration Rules?

Millions of people use Uber every year, but many people may not know the terms they have agreed to by using the app to order a ride share vehicle. Uber has recently updated their terms of service to include a clause that riders can only make claims against them through arbitration, not with jury trials.

Recently, Uber has been scrutinized over several lawsuits related to sexual assaults and injuries of their riders by their drivers. The arbitration clause is an attempt to force passengers in Uber vehicles to resolve claims through private arbitration rather than through litigation in the Court system and possibly a jury trial, which would be more public and likely more favorable to the victims.

Just because Uber puts an arbitration clause in their terms, does not mean a personal injury victim is bound by that clause. The arbitration clause can be overcome, but you need a law team that is experienced and can guide you through the process of filing a law suit instead.

If you have been injured in an Uber accident, be sure to call the experienced, knowledgeable team of trial lawyers at Greenberg Law P.C. We know how to fight the Uber arbitration clause and stand up to big companies.

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