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How do crush injuries affect the limbs?

A crush injury serves as one of the most severe types of injuries that a person can suffer. Typically, crush injuries can affect the trunk, the extremities or both.

When it comes to crush injuries of the extremities or limbs, what should a person know?

The possibility of amputation

Penn Medicine discusses limb-related crush injuries. These happen more often than trunk crush injuries due to the fact that limbs protrude from the body and people do not always pay close attention to where they put their hands or feet.

Amputation is one of the greatest potential risks of crush injuries in this area. This is a risk due to the potential for gangrene and necrosis of the tissue.

When the limbs do not get enough blood and oxygen, the tissue there begins to starve and die. If a victim cannot get appropriate medical treatment in time, it is highly possible that the doctors cannot save the damaged limb.

This is particularly common with fingers and toes, which tend to suffer from necrosis faster.

Infection of tissues and blood

The other main concern comes in the form of infection. As mentioned above, gangrene can quickly set in once the tissue of an affected area begins to necrotize.

Sepsis, an infection of the blood, also serves as a major concern. Sepsis can kill a victim within 72 hours of symptoms appearing, making it one of the biggest and deadliest risks of all.

This is why it is crucial for victims of crush injuries to get immediate medical attention.

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