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Topics in Personal Injury: Claim Versus Lawsuit

When you or your loved one is injured as a result of someone else’s negligence, you may have several important decisions to make before you can start the process of getting the compensation you deserve, including whether you should file a claim or pursue a lawsuit.

In many cases, such as most car accidents and slip and fall injuries, and several other forms of personal injuries, the negligent party likely has an insurance policy or professional liability policy that the injured party may be able to receive compensation from, for their injuries.

If the injured party files a claim against an insurance policy, the insurance company will investigate the accident, determine what happened, and based on several factors, will likely offer a pitiful settlement amount. The value of a claim, without a lawsuit, is typically minimal because the insurance company has no fear of future litigation involving experienced attorneys. The insurance company wants to take advantage of negotiating with an inexperienced lay person who may not know their rights to fair compensation, or who does not have the energy to fight for what they deserve.

Do not be fooled by an insurance carrier’s offer in claim! Contact us at Greenberg Law P.C. so that one of our experienced attorneys can advise you on whether to settle in claim or pursue a lawsuit in litigation.

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