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A pedestrian that slipped on sidewalk due to ice formation emanating from leaking fire hydrant


Client who was caused to fall by employee of retail store and sustained shoulder injury

$4,000,000 VERDICT

Client who suffered injury during surgery

$1,275,000 SETTLEMENT

Unrestrained passenger with spinal disc injuries in commercial motor vehicle collision

$10,00,000 SETTLEMENT

Client struck by collapsed ceiling


Pedestrian who fell on sidewalk defect in Nassau County and sustained shoulder injury

$400,000 RECOVERY

Client struck by underinsured motorist

$1,250,000 VERDICT

Limo driver injured in intersection collision

$1,000,000 SETTLEMENT

TRIP AND FALL DOWN BUILDING STAIRWAY In June of 2017, our client, a Columbian-born former administrative assistant, was descending the steps in her apartment building in upper Manhattan, which was owned and managed by the defendants. She was caused to fall down…


For woman who fractured her knee due to uneven sidewalk

$275,000 VERDICT

Awarded to a tenant who slipped and fell on icy steps at her home.


Severe burns from fire caused by a building’s faulty electrical system

$6,200,000 VERDICT

SLIP AND FALL OUTSIDE GROCERY STORE Our client, age 46 female, slipped and fell on a piece of wet cardboard on a faux brick tile walkway in Harlem, NY. Her fall caused serious and permanent injuries including tears in her left knee,…

$600,000 VERDICT

Fall on bus after bus made short stop

$5,450,000 SETTLEMENT

Man suffered severe burns due to fire caused by faulty appliance


Trip and dall on a raised sidewalk

$5,100,000 SETTLEMENT

MAN SEVERELY BURNT BY RADIATOR BURST, RESULTING IN 16 SURGERIES AND LEG AMPUTATION Our client, a 63-year-old man, was injured when a 40-year-old radiator burst in his apartment as a result of negligent maintenance resulting in severe full-thickness burns to both of…


Trip and dall on a raised sidewalk


Trip and fall in a poorly lit NYC restaurant

$400,000 VERDICT

Motorcycle driver fell when he hit a pothole

$3,600,000 SETTLEMENT

Bus on bus collision caused by one of the bus driver’s failure to yield

$3,000,000 VERDICT

WORKER FELL 6 FEET FROM AN UNSECURED SCAFFOLD At noon on February 25, 2015, our client, then a thirty-six (36) years old man, was working as a drywall taper inside of a 2 nd floor apartment located at 56 W. 75 th…


Trip and fall into an unguarded tree pit on sidewalk

$2,950,000 VERDICT

Woman killed after struck by falling limb of city-owned tree

$2,620,000 SETTLEMENT

Worker struck in face and mouth by falling beam


Man burnt by scalding water from shower


Little girl, left unsupervised at a stable, bit by horse

$2,340,000 SETTLEMENT

Worker shocked when saw hit underground electrical cable

$2,080,000 VERDICT

Motorcycle driver and passenger hit by police car

$2,000,000 VERDICT

Fall on ice rink caused by branch that fell from overhanging street

$1,989,827 VERDICT

Firefighter fell 15 feet while responding to a gas leak due to defective ladder

$1,900,000 VERDICT

Driver ran stop sign, causing car crash

$1,800,000 SETTLEMENT

Man hit by van while crossing the street

$1,700,000 VERDICT

Rear ended by a 48-foot tractor trailer

$1,700,000 SETTLEMENT

Hot soup spilled on 17 month-old infant

$1,650,000 VERDICT

Bicycle rider hit by dump truck

$1,500,000 SETTLEMENT

Man died after misdiagnosis and incorrect treatment of epileptic seizures

$1,500,000 SETTLEMENT

Construction worker injured while using jackhammer on a bridge

$1,200,000 SETTLEMENT

Man fell off scaffold after safety related labor laws were violated

$1,173,000 VERDICT

Slip and fall down stairs at a restaurant

$1,150,000 VERDICT

Fall caused by dangerous condition at a supermarket

$1,000,000 VERDICT

Arm malpositioned during surgery, resulting in permanent weakness and disability in the arm

$950,000 VERDICT

Slip and fall down stairs at a restaurant


Work site’s trench not properly protected


Trip and Fall on a raised sidewalk


Slip and fall on wet floor at mall


Woman struck by school bus while crossing the street


Slip and fall on ice in front of residential building


Man fell off unstable ladder while doing maintenance work


Man fell 20 feet after stepping into empty elevator shaft


Fall down stairs at residential building

$650,000 VERDICT

Trip and fall on crowd-control barriers placed on sidewalk by police


Woman struck by car making illegal left turn


Slip and fall at NYC restaurant

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