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Burn Injury Lawyer

Burns occur as a result of explosions, fires, chemical exposure and electrical accidents. Depending on the circumstances, the severity of the burns will vary greatly. Second- and third-degree burns often result in excruciating pain, hospitalization and a need for skin grafts.

At Greenberg Law P.C., we bring compassion and dedication while protecting the legal rights of our clients with burn injuries.

We Hold Liable Parties Responsible

Determining who caused or contributed to burn injuries is a job for experienced plaintiffs’ attorneys. Examples of responsible parties include the following:

  • A negligent motorist who caused an accident resulting in an explosion or fire may be on the hook to compensate someone who suffered burns as a result.
  • A landlord or a company they hired may be held responsible through a premises liability claim for a burn that occurs at a residential property.
  • A manufacturer or maintenance company may be held responsible through a product liability claim when a defective product was the cause of an electrical fire.
  • A company that maintains a construction site or another type of workplace may be responsible for creating or allowing condition that causes a fire or chemical burn on the job.

We Are Here For You Throughout Your Healing Journey

How well a burn heals can depend on a person’s age, skin tone and the quality of medical treatment received. Less severe burns may primarily require topical treatment with ointments or salves. More serious varieties of burns may require surgery and long-term rehabilitation.

Regardless of the degree assigned to a burn, all burns have the potential to leave permanent injuries and scars. Dermatologists may recommend additional plastic surgery to mitigate scarring long after the initial healing phase is over. Some people also need long-term pain management care.

With more than 30 years of combined experience, it is our practice to treat our clients and their families as if they were part of our own family throughout the healing process.

After Surviving A Burn Injury, Let Us Help You Recover Financially Too

Burn injuries of any degree are painful and recovery can be complicated. Greenberg Law P.C., is an established firm that includes skillful trial lawyers. We offer compassion and determined representation for people who have suffered from burn injuries.

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