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Were you in one of your favorite shopping locations when you suffered from a serious or catastrophic injury? Or were you in a city park or public swimming pool? Whatever type of commercial or public place it was, do not assume that an injury claim against the owner, managers or governing agency will be a slam dunk.

Any organization in charge of a public place will naturally seek to limit losses after an injury. You need your own legal counsel as soon as possible, especially if your injuries are serious or catastrophic. At Greenberg Law P.C., we are ready to act promptly and do what it takes to protect your eligibility for compensation.

When A Large Organization Is Your Opponent

If you break a leg in a fall at your sister’s house, the legal path forward may be obvious and straightforward. You may bring a premises liability lawsuit to tap into her homeowners insurance. Your sister might not even mind getting sued if it means that you will be taken care of.

However, if you suffer a blunt force injury when merchandise falls on you from a high shelf at your favorite big-box department store or discount warehouse, financial recovery is likely to be much more complicated and time-consuming to obtain. There may be special deadlines and precise procedures for you to follow to qualify for financial relief after an injury in a public place.

Treat Your Case As If It Is Serious, Because It May Be

After the shock of a trip-and-fall sidewalk accident or any accident in a public place, your condition may worsen. You need both medical and legal professional help. The owners or management will likely try to avoid paying full compensation for your losses, including:

  • Medical expenses
  • Lost wage replacement
  • Pain and suffering

Most people who are not lawyers do not have the knowledge or experience necessary to bring this type of claim at all – much less to be successful. A premises liability lawyer on your side is essential if you want to have a solid chance of getting the financial support that you deserve.

Level The Playing Field After An Accident

Our firm can be your source of talented, determined advocacy after an injury on commercial or public property in New York, New Jersey or Connecticut.

At Greenberg Law P.C., in New York City, we consider every client’s case serious. We prepare for trial if necessary. Call 212-972-5656 or email us to discuss your claim with an attorney.

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