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A serious accidental injury is a rare or once-in-a-lifetime experience for most people. If you have been hurt in a motor vehicle accident, a construction site accident or a slip-and-fall at a supermarket, you may wonder about the direction your case may take, such as the following:

  • Your personal injury attorney may help you negotiate a settlement offer from the insurer of a negligent party.
  • Your legal team may take your case to mitigation or arbitration, possibly resulting in a settlement agreement.
  • Your trial attorney may take your case before a judge and jury.

All are viable paths to pursuing the compensation that personal injury laws make available to you. When you enjoy a strong attorney-client relationship with an advocate from Greenberg Law P.C., you will be ready to make the right decision if you are asked, “Will you accept this settlement offer?”

Why A Trial Lawyer’s Track Record Matters

If your attorney has tried and won many cases similar to yours, insurance claims adjusters will often offer you a strong settlement. They will realize that litigation is expensive, unpredictable and risky given your attorney’s winning track record.

For all these reasons, a law firm’s past successes matter a great deal. The quality of the presentation of facts in settlement conferences also makes a difference. At Greenberg Law P.C., our attorneys prepare every case as if for trial. With this approach, we obtain many strong pretrial settlements, as well as sizable verdicts when trials become necessary.

What Your Settlement May Look Like In The End

From the money you receive through a settlement or verdict, you will have various expenses to pay, including legal fees, investigation costs and reimbursement of insurance coverage for treatments. The remaining funds should allow you to plan for the future once again.

Large structured settlements – payments from insurers over a number of years – may help people recovering from injuries to budget for necessary expenses over a lifetime. However, beware of exploitative finance organizations that offer advance lump-sum payments in exchange for signing over your future payments to them.

At our family-run firm, we treat clients like family. We warn them about settlement exploitation schemes, advise them to consult with tax accountants, recommend financial advisors to those who ask for tips, and otherwise care for our clients in practical ways.

Let Our Experience Add Value To Your Settlement Or Verdict

Learn about how our team’s full-service counsel, including clear explanations about settlements. Reach us at Greenberg Law P.C. by calling 212-972-5656 or completing our simple online form.

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