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More than four million dog bites occur in the U.S. each year, affecting the equivalent of one out of every 69 people. Naturally, New York City sees its fair share of dog bite injuries. Our law firm is a valuable source of information and support for people injured by dogs. We also represent surviving family members in fatal dog attack cases.

If you were bitten or attacked by a dog, you may have incurred medical expenses, missed work, lost wages and experienced emotional trauma. Whatever your injuries and losses were, you have the right to hold the dog’s owner or custodian legally responsible for their duty to protect guests, workers on their property and people in public places. You may also have a claim against the landlord of a tenant who was the owner or caregiver of a dog that injured you.

About Dog Bite Laws In New York

Municipal laws may have an impact on the outcome of a dog bite case. Dog owners must obey local leash laws – especially owners of dangerous breeds.

Regardless of whether a dog was on a leash, according to a New York state law (section 121 of New York Codes), a dog’s owner has strict liability. They must compensate you for medical expenses after a dog bite whether or not there were reasons to consider the dog dangerous.

If the dog was known to be risky around people because of past aggression, liability may be greater in a dog bite case because negligence will also be considered. In a negligence case, a plaintiff injured by a dog must prove that the animal had shown vicious behavior in the past. The owner (or a custodian of the dog or the landlord of the owner) may be responsible for paying punitive damages, lost wage replacement and other expenses, in addition to medical expenses.

Our team knows how to investigate the facts in order to prove negligence claims involving dog bites and other animal attacks. We use our deep knowledge of the law to evaluate the extent of liability, calculate damages and pursue maximum monetary compensation.

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