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Workplace injuries involving scaffolds, ladders and other elevated surfaces have unique legal status in New York. New York Labor Law 240 (the “Scaffold Law”) protects the rights of construction workers who fall from such structures or are struck by objects falling from them.

Namely, property owners and employers must follow safety measures for employees working at heights with equipment such as scaffolding, hoists, ladders, slings, hangers, pulleys, ropes and stays. Workers who are injured in such situations can bring lawsuits against their employers without being limited to workers’ compensation benefits.

Get The Facts

To determine whether Labor Law 240 applies to your scaffold- or ladder-related construction site accident in New York, we invite you to consult with one of our experienced, Manhattan-based personal injury lawyers at Greenberg Law P.C.

Our years of experience and extensive knowledge of injury laws and litigation in New York can help ensure that you will not miss out on any compensation for which you are eligible. Ultimately, our goal is to help you find a path forward after suffering injuries or the loss of a loved one in such an accident.

A Thorough Investigation Will Help Us Build A Strong Case For You

If we represent you after a scaffold or ladder fall or another type of injury, we will conduct a detailed investigation to determine whether the scaffold or ladder had defects such as the following:

  • Missing guard rails, platform planks or rungs
  • Structural flaws
  • Improper footings or bracing attachments
  • Slippery surfaces, unsecured debris and similar hazards

We will also examine the facts of your case in light of liability as defined by the Scaffold Law. We will apply all details to an analysis of your injuries or the death of your family member at a construction site.

Ready To Represent You For The Sake Of Your Long-Term Recovery

Thanks to our experience and strong track record, we are prepared to use all evidence to support a claim for the compensation that you and your family will need to move on after suffering a catastrophic injury or the loss of a loved one’s life.

Initial consultations are free. If we represent you, we will do so on a contingency basis. That is, you will not owe attorney fees unless we recover a settlement or verdict on your behalf. To schedule a conversation with one of our personal injury lawyers, call 212-972-5656 or complete our online inquiry form.

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